One Directional Rotating Handbalancing Cane

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These hand balancing canes spin one direction only (Right spin only or left spin only depending on preference) and they come with a floor flange that they plug into and out of easily. Great for the advanced hand balancing artist to spin on one arm or for a student who has mastered the crocodile position to take their balance to the next level of total control! Canes are 17" tall when plugged into the flange. The spinning bearing itself is up inside the hand block of the cane. Designed by a handbalancer for other handbalancers. 

Choose from a right spinning, left spinning or both with their flanges and attach to your own base or table or if you buy one that comes with a base, it will be ready to use upon arrival to you. 

Please note that color of wood on the base and blocks may vary from a light wood to dark wood depending on what is in stock and center flange not included unless added to the order